Why we are creating a decentralized personalized content ecosystem on the Blockchain

As you already know, over at Mobigraph, we have been using our patented technology on personalized expression in order to end the emotional bankruptcy of mobile and digital communication. We are paving the way for users to include facial expression and body language to make themselves better understood and express themselves like they would in digital communication.

To this end, we are also creating the PEP ecosystem to bring together artistes, developers, render farmers, and users on a single platform that’s open for trade. And blockchain forms the core of this platform.

Why Blockchain?

To understand the value of blockchain in not only the PEP ecosystem but in the multi-billion dollar personal content industry, we must first understand the challenges that this space is grappling with right now. A simplified explanation is that –

Users want personalized content. Platforms such as chat apps and social media networks sell some personalized content but they are too expensive for just one time usage. Mobigraph’s Qugo and Xpresso allow users to commission and buy the exact content they want. But the demand is huge and growing. At the same time, artistes are shying away from personalized content simply because its high costs don’t exactly make way to their bank accounts! In fact, a large part of this high cost is simply to pay for the processing power of currently centralized systems such as Amazon Web Services. Add to that the fact that content creators need humongous processing power for real time rendering of personalized content.

All of this while millions of iPhones and other smartphones and mobile devices have spare processing power that their users have no use for. Mobigraph is connecting the two through the PEP blockchain protocol. PEP Network is a blockchain protocol that redistributes CPU and GPU from idle devices to users who need processing power.

That means that anyone who has spare processing power in their mid- to high-end mobile device can become a render farmer and sell it for profit.

The PEP Network redistributes this spare CPU and GPU to artistes who need it, without them having to invest in high-end computing devices.

Blockchain enables a direct financial relationship between developers and users who want personalized content, content creators and artistes who produce them, and render farmers or those with spare processing power that enable the runtime rendering by artistes. PEP Network is not just a platform; it is the start of new digital economy for real time online personalized and expressive content creation, sharing, and consumption. And it is doing all of this without the dependencies and high cost investment associated with individual high-end computers for artists or high-end centralized processing such as AWS.

The future of personalized expressive content is already here — and the PEP Network is revolutionizing it with Blockchain. What’s not to love?

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