Why is the new blockchain protocol so important for PEP Network ?

Blockchain Protocol

PEP Network introduces content that can be run time personalized by a user by creating their own 3D avatar, adding custom text in any language and by choosing themes and styles.

These customizations of content needs to be rendered into formats like GIF/mp4 that can be shared across any social medium. This real time rendering at scale is currently made possible by hosting Mobigraph’s M3D rendering engine on the centralized compute providers like AWS.

PEP Network exposes a set of APIs that developers can use to create new or add to their existing apps or businesses. To allow for large scale adoption these API’s are charged at a very nominal price in PEP Tokens.

As scale increases and because of higher operating expenses due to centralized cloud providers the API cost can increase and make it economically not viable for many developers & businesses.

This economic viability can hamper the growth of the Network. Further centralized software is prone to known attacks like DDoS making PEP Network unable to process any customization for the duration of the attack.

To mitigate this problem we are introducing a new blockchain based distributed rendering protocol, where the render needs of the PEP Network are served not only by any centralized cloud compute provider but by anyone that has excess computing power.

Any individual that has compute power to spare can install an executable or app, that leases this excess power to the PEP Network rendering needs. Any nodes that successfully completes rendering tasks for PEP Network is remunerated by PEP Tokens.

Because no one is hosting a dedicated machine and just giving away what is excess, the cost of rendering at scale will be much cheaper. This cost-benefit will be passed on to the developer via cheaper API.

Blockchain technology allows us to implement this distributed rendering protocol in a streamlined fashion. All rendering activities are recorded initially off chain and eventually on the blockchain as proof of render.

All token pledges are locked in smart contracts and the render reward payouts are recorded in blockchain as well — This ensures trust less value transfer between PEP Network & the render farmer.

➡For more information visit our website and read our whitepaper https://gopep.network

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