Weekly Pep Network Avatar Contest

We are happy and proud to announce a contest with large cash prizes paid out in PEP Tokens. Each week, you and other PEP Network community members stand to win:

1st place — $500 in PEP Tokens
2nd place — $200 in PEP Tokens
3rd place — $100 in PEP Tokens

This is a chance for you and other PEP Network community members to get free tokens while having fun. The contest rules, and its point system, are outlined below.

PEP Weekly Contest Rules

1. To participate, download and install Mobigraph’s Xpresso app from the Android or iOS Store. (Android Link | iOS Link)

2. Next, create an account with Xpresso and follow the on-screen instructions to activate it. You will be prompted to use the app’s interface to personalize your character’s gender, looks and clothing.

3. Use Xpresso to create animated GIFs showcasing the contest currency of the week. You’ll be able to customize your avatar, choose the animation sequences used in the GIF, and — this is important — input the text to be featured in the GIF. If you’re also taking part in our referral program, choose carefully to maximize the number of people clicking your links.

4. Take your new avatar animation(s) and post them to all applicable social networks (Facebook, Telegram, Reddit and Twitter).

5. For every network you uploaded an Xpresso gif to, send proof using our online spreadsheet. We verify the validity and truthfulness of each submission carefully to prevent cheating — and your submissions will help us do this quickly, just fill the form.

6. Make up to 3 submissions to maximize your chances of winning. Be mindful that we use KYC verification before paying money out to make sure nobody exceeds the submission limit.

7. The post with the most likes, shares, retweets and reposts by the end of the week wins the biggest cash prize. Numbers 2 and 3 get the runner-up prizes.

The specific point system we’ll be using is:

5 points for creating an avatar animation
1 point for submitting to Twitter
1 point for submitting to Reddit
1 point for submitting to Telegram
1 point for submitting to Facebook
1 point for each Like, Share, Retweet and Repost you get on any of the above social networks.

And that’s it! Once you’ve done the above 7 steps, you’re in line to win $500 in a single prize every week.

Helpful Contest Tips

I. Remember to be honest. We take every effort to prevent cheating, and being caught breaking the rules could cost you hundreds of dollars.

II. Put effort into your avatar and animation. Shares, posts, likes and retweets increase your chances of winning, so do your best to appeal to other users.

III. Use your GIF copy text effectively. Draw attention to the week’s contest’s currency, and entice people to share your GIF the best you can (in that order).

Make sure to sign up for our contest announcements by joining our Telegram group here. We will announce each contest there, and we look forward to receiving your submission!

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