Independent Review of PEP Network by Blockchain Invest Club


PEP Network is a blockchain protocol for the content creation and customization niche. It does three things.

First and foremost, it lets anyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer “mine” by exchanging their GPU for money. Second, it gives businesses, marketing agencies and content creators a single-entry point marketplace where they can trade content (and customization services). Last but not least, it sells developers the processing power they need to work quickly and effectively.

In short, PEP Network is a win-win-win for people and organizations who create, trade and sell content. On paper, it has everything it needs to disrupt the $3 billion dollar messaging industry. But what do experts think about the project?

To find out, we hired Blockchain Invest Club — an independent analyst — to review our project. Below are the key findings, and a link to BIC’s complete review of PEP Network.

Market Size and Market Opportunity

The independent review highlights several niches where PEP Network can help content creators. The smallest (and mostly directly relevant) is messaging, worth $3 billion as an industry. The other niches where PEP Network has disruption potential are:

  1. AV/AR ($165 bn)
  2. Merchandise ($31 bn)
  3. Advertising ($30 bn)
  4. Chatbots ($3 bn)

Content customization is underrepresented in all these niches. There are few players in the field, and most of them are trying to create proprietary ecosystems — not a “plug’n’play” service that plays nice with other platforms. This gives PEP NEtwork a major competitive advantage in a fragmented, underserved niche.

For a full analysis of the market and the opportunity PEP has, click here.

What Else is In The Report?

In addition to analyzing the content customization market and PEP’s potential in it, the report covers the project’s:

  • Business Model. The analysts explain how PEP Network fits into the large content space, and outlines the flow of funds between users, render farmers, content creators and other agents.
  • Team Overview. Each of the PEP Network team’s 13 key members is covered. Government names, work histories and areas of expertise are all identified for maximum transparency.
  • Token Economy. The details of PEP Network’s token generation and distribution, including exact figures and percentages.

To see a full list of everything covered in the report,
click here to download it for free.

In Summary

The study’s findings are consistent with our team’s own internal analysis, and our market research. To see the full report and learn from Blockchain Invest Club’s analysis of PEP Network, simply click here to access the free report instantly.

To learn more about Mobigraph and their new app and blockchain protocol, just visit the official PEP Network website here.

Thanks for reading, and let us know if you have any questions or comments by visiting our Telegram group here.

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