4 Proven Use Cases of Personalized Content: Exciting times ahead!

Instant and text messaging has truly come of age. One look at your WhatsApp and Facebook messenger and the deluge of messages that we now exchange with friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, brands and several other communities is proof that this medium of communication is just getting stronger by the day. From dating to customer service, work conversations and just staying in touch — everything is across the screen of your smartphone. But as this medium of communication continues to gain a stronger footing in our lives and work, so is the need for these conversations to get more personal, expressive, and playful. After all, non-verbal cues have up to 80% role in conveying meaning and emotion in any human conversation.

For years now, we have felt strongly about the immense opportunity to improve the emotional content in text-based communication. Without the nuance of face to face or even long form communication, not only does instant messaging feel emotionally bankrupt, it also is easily misconstrued — a complex issue when matters of national and political, business and social importance are now being discussed across smartphone screens.

For the last three years, this is exactly the space that Mobigraph has been exploring in its journey of making internet-based communication feel like a real conversation and not just bits and bytes of binary data.

Mobigraph has patented its technology (US Patent US9706040) to address key use cases of Internet based communication that have an immediate need for deep personalization, involvement and engagement.

Social communication

Apps like messaging, keypad, social networks and even dating need to open up opportunities for highly personalized communication that feels as close to real as possible. Whether it is a long drawn conversation with an old friend or colleague or even a dating app, personalized content provides far more context and nuance than mere words can.

Chat bots

Today, chat bots are the rage. From customer service or tech support bots or the several mental health counselor bots that are just starting to get big — the potential for automated help and assistance holds immense potential in the near to medium term future. But for chat bots to reach their full potential, they must have a personality and the capability for nuanced conversations across a screen. Mobigraph is achieving this through our patented 3D avatar tech.


From gaming to real estate and interiors, AR and VR have immense potential in the near future. Today, the potential of AR and VR in many areas of business and recreation is limited to watching something in 3D. But with 3D Avatar holograms, Mobigraph makes AR and VR more realistic, and increases the potential for interaction within the realms of this technology.

Brand marketing

Since social media brand marketing came of age, brands and consumers are increasingly interacting with each other like peers. Informal tonality, fun and banter is part of most social media brand communications now. At the core of this is personalization and basically, just more humanization of marketing as a discipline. That’s where branded personalized content comes into play, allowing brands to speak to consumers in ways that they are accustomed to.

We’re future-ready

Mobigraph is using its patented technologies — content creation pipeline, real time 3D rendering, selfie-to-3D avatar, AI-based user emotions, and AI-based face detection — to power the existing and up and coming use cases of personalized content on text-based communication.

But we are not doing it all alone. With KIKA Keyboard partner, more than 10 million GIF impressions are created every month. Touchpal keyboard has 750 million users and will soon have Mobigraph’s XPRESSO integrated into the their keyboard. SwipeStudio is powering Snapchat with XPRESSO for augmented reality lenses and video ads. 4lio, the world’s first AT contact app has made their conversations far more human and interactive using Mobigraph technology. AD Tech, our brand new AD units, have pumped up conversions for brands such as Mudpipe.

Mobigraph is powering a strong ecosystem from the ground up to drive the future of personalized content. Exciting times ahead!

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