Ecosystem Growth (Part #1)

We have multiple growth strategy to acquire users for PEP Network.

✔Mobigraph Apps


✔Developer Apps

☑ Mobigraph Apps

  • Currently our existing apps XPRESSO, QUGO, Chrome Plugin and Social Media Community has total of 750K+ users and we have 150K MAU.
  • We will bring all these users into PEP NETWORK with our app upgrades.
  • To fuel faster growth of our apps, we will be partnering with OEMs and other app distribution partners.
  • We already have partnered with Huawei App Store, where XPRESSO app has been selected as a premium app and it qualifies for free promotion among its 30 million user base.
  • We will work towards more distribution partners, that would get us exponential growth.
  • We anticipate the PEP NETWORK usage to grow from 5x to 10x a year from 2018 to 2022. This ecosystem has all great potential to reach 1 Billion Users by 2022.

➡For more information visit our website and read our whitepaper

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