Ecosystem Growth (Part #3)

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The 3rd growth strategy to acquire users for PEP Network is through Developer Apps.

☑ Developer Apps

Along with partnerships with big businesses we have very simple REST API based interface that can be used by any indie developer. They can use the expression API to create new apps/experiences or uplift the engagement of their existing apps. In the whitepaper we have explained how we design the blockchain protocol which will help to keep the cost of these API at a minimum.

PEP Network rendering API/SDK are wrapped around M3D rendering & customization features. Once the user buys the content, he can use M3D’s features to customize the content in many different ways. M3D understands all customizations and renders the content and exports in the desired format.

From a birds eye view M3D is composed of the following components:

  • Mobi parser
  • Animation player
  • Avatar manager
  • Text renderer
  • 3D renderer
  • Encoder modules

M3D is integrated to content creation tool and the rendering API/ SDK making it one of the core technologies of PEP Network.

➡For more information visit our website and read our whitepaper

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