A new opportunity for render farmers

Armed with a brand new protocol, Mobigraph opens up new opportunities for render farmers

A new Blockchain protocol is on the way along with a fresh revenue opportunity for render farmers. And Mobigraph is leading the charge. Here’s what is on the anvil.

Since 2015, Mobigraph has been at the center of expressiveness and personalization to end — once and for all — the emotional bankruptcy of current digital and mobile communication. To this end, Mobigraph already has communication and personalization apps Qugo and XPRESSO on the market with >500K user base.

And now, there’s something even bigger. Mobigraph is building a decentralized ecosystem — the Personalized Expressive Platform or PEP Network — of graphic artists, developers, and render farmers to offset the current challenges in volume production of personalized and expressive digital content. Moreover, the current centralized model in many ways affects economic gains for artists and other participants, curbs artistic freedom, and regulates content trading across apps and user experiences. Mobigraph is designing the decentralization in a way that removes these roadblocks.

What’s in it for render farmers?

In many ways, render farmers form the core of the PEP Network. But what is revolutionary in Mobigraph’s ecosystem is that anyone with any amount of spare compute power can now become a render farmer on the PEP Network. That means that render farming is now possible even if you have a mid-high end smartphone, not necessarily a high-end server.

But why distributed rendering?

One of the key challenges with high volume, real time production of personalized content is the operational cost associated with centralized processing and rendering. This cost, when distributed across the ecosystem of artists, developers, and users, just makes production and trading of personalized expressive content that much more complex and expensive for everyone involved.

But Mobigraph’s new PEP Network is designed to offset this exact challenge — and it plans to engage render farmers to this end. The ecosystem will enable personalized and expressive content trading on a distributed rendering network. Blockchain technology will be at the core of this content exchange, allowing

  • Content ownership and copyright protection for artists
  • Runtime personalization of content by consumers
  • Facilitation of custom app integration and access to content market place for developers
  • And a distributed rendering capability that utilizes idle CPU and GPU from render farmers

And all of this means a brand new revenue opportunity for render farmers. What’s even better is that this opportunity is coming from one of the fastest growing businesses on the periphery of the digital revolution around the world — the business of injecting emotions into new age mobile and digital communication.

Sample this — according to the 2016 Emoji Report, 92% of the Internet community is already speaking in GIFs and emojis and as conversations across screens take over our work and lives, the demand for personalized content is about to explode.

Mobigraph’s ecosystem promises a fair stake and shared value for everyone involved in pushing the business of personalized content to its next milestone. And that includes render farmers who will in fact be the ones powering this ecosystem!

What next?

To this end, Mobigraph is also building a new Blockchain protocol — a self-governing network of render farmers that enables fair treatment of render farmers. The protocol is designed to keep rogue render farmers away from the network and economically reward the good ones. In summary, Mobigraph’s Blockchain protocol will safeguard the interests of everyone associated with the PEP Network, including artists, developers, users, and of course, render farmers.

A brave new world for personalized expressive content is on the way and it is going to be revolutionary. Are you a part of it yet?

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