All you need to know about PEP Utility Token

Blockchain Protocol

PEP Network introduces a self-sustaining and lucrative economic model to trade customizable content. A new cryptocurrency “PEP Tokens” at the core of this distributed digital economy is designed to drive the value exchange across the ecosystem.

PEP tokens are a new way to earn and spend based on personalizable and self-expressive content. PEP tokens can be earned and spent by all the participants of an ecosystem. PEP tokens hold value across all the digital services within the ecosystem thus enhancing the economic possibilities for a real-world value.

Some of the PEP tokens use in the ecosystem are as follows:

  1. Create copyrighted customizable content using Studios by subscription
  2. Develop apps (AR/ VR/ Keyboard/ Social media/ Games) which can access content marketplace using API/ SDK upon subscription
  3. Sell customizable/ customized content usage rights to consumers

a. Rights to consumers could be unlimited/ time bound usage, non exclusive/ exclusive etc.

b. The price for the content sale is solely determined by the creator and the payment is recorded on blockchain

4. Transfer the ownership of content to another participant. This means all rights on the content is transferred and the buyer owns all the rights of the content. The price for the content ownership is solely determined by the owner and the payment is recorded on blockchain

5. Content auction (creation)

a. Creators can participate in bidding to create specific contents. In this case the content will be owned by the initiator of the bid and not by the creator

6. Content auction (sale)

a. Content owners can initiate a content sale bidding for contents owned by them. Copyright would be transferred to the successful bidder

7. Participate in rendering/ transcoding personalized content to create shareable formats like Gifs/ Mp4/ Jpeg

8. Purchase usage rights for customizable content

9. Personalize and share customizable content on possessing content rights

In summary, PEP Token is the digital currency meant for value exchange between participants within PEP Ecosystem

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