A world without emojis or Animojis

Tablet connected to a keyboard

The famous Indian cow-like bobbling of the head which is somewhere between a yes and a no.

Ruffling the hair of a close friend and not needing to say anything at all.

A hug that lasts a minute longer because you don’t want to let go.


Everyday we articulate feelings through body movements and facial gestures, some of which are very difficult to pen down.

We do the very same thing when we chat online, through emojis and other visual additions.

But in a world without emojis, what would we do?

To prepare for this eventuality, we have listed out a few textual replacements emojis.


Have a look.

 – Sigh! What you are saying is either irrelevant, uninteresting, silly, or all of the above.

 – Hmm I am not very sure how to react to it, although I don’t think it’s that serious a matter. I’ll just not do anything then and revert to my default face.

 – I am cool/I did something cool/Look at this cool thing I’ve shared, and so on.

Clearly, in a world without emojis, we’d be writing a lot of text and explaining ourselves through lengthy pieces which break the flow and fun of the conversation.


And how would life be without Xpresso’s animojis? Let’s find out.


Hey so I don’t think I’ll be able to look at those documents right now sorry. I’m travelling and it will be inconvenient plus I’ll not be in the mood.

I’m spending a lot of hours studying, even taking it into the night. Working quite hard at this.


The food just kept on coming but I was so hungry I just ate and ate and ate! But I’m finally satisfied now!


Thankfully for all of us, we are never going to need these lengthy descriptions. The visual elements in our chat behaviour are only going to increase in number and evolve, with AR now playing a larger role along with any other development that comes our way.


So that we can say a lot more,

with a lot less.


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