A brief intro to the revolutionary 3D Expression Engine

It seemed like texting had finally hit a saturation point.

While emojis definitely did create a revolution in texting, bringing some emotion into an online chat, they could only go so far until the only development in that space was ‘more emojis.’

There was a serious need to stop thinking ‘more,’ and start thinking ‘what else?’ It was this thought that began our story.

Uday Kadirvel, Siddhartha Vinnakote, Subrahmanyam A S, and Sujith Kumar C decided to do something about the stagnancy in new ways to emote online. And they aimed to do this with Mobigraph, a company dedicated to making conversations between humans, more human.

And as experts in the graphics software and visual design solutions for mobile, the founders envisioned and built a tool that would help steer them towards this vision.

3D Avatars
Meet XPRESSO 3D personalized avatars that make your conversations much more expressive, personal & playful

They called it the 3D Expression Engine. Today, the engine powers XPRESSO – Mobigraph’s cloud-based application that lets users create and share personalized animated emojis, or Animojis, through their favorite social platforms.

A patented (US Patent granted #9706040), low-footprint (Size) and battery optimized engine that can integrate with any mobile or cloud tech, the 3D Expression Engine communicates and renders animations instantaneously with just a tiny communication overhead.

These animations can be “hot-linked” (made clickable) letting users selectively interact with animations in a live fashion, create their emoji stories, and share as comic strips through social channels. Existing popular 3D SDKs/Web APIs do not support this format and are inefficient with ‘instant’ experience factors like speed, memory, energy, performance, asset sizes, etc.

Here’s a little more information about the engine:

+ Custom-built 3D Engine for delivering expression (Body Language & Facial Expression)

+ Uses skeletal animations for body language and sprite animations for facial animation
Allows for full avatar customization.

+ OpenGL based 3D Rendering

+ Built for balancing memory, speed & quality

+ Designed to be platform agnostic

+ Runs on Android, iOS, Windows & Linux (Ubuntu)

+ Currently runs on AWS web servers

But how does this translate into the XPRESSO app?

The person using this app can create a 3D avatar of themselves by picking between a wide range of features, accessories, outfits, and colors. Once they create this XPRESSO version of themselves, they can see hundreds of animated emojis, or AniMojis, of themselves in various comical, silly, and sweet scenarios. Both facial expression and body language have been designed and executed in a 3-dimensional space, making them closer to real life while still retaining a distinct visual style.

The user can also enter their own text to make custom AniMojis, and share them on their favorite platforms.

But we’re not stopping there.

Our team is also currently working on taking a selfie and converting it into an avatar instantly. And with AR and VR technologies developing and maturing from gimmicks to tangible, core drivers of applications, the future of communication seems very exciting.

All of this is being made possible through the flexibility of the 3D Expression Engine which is something we believe will play a key role in helping people all over the world contribute to making communication that much more fun, and that much easier.

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