3 ways in which PEP Network is ushering in a revolution for personalized content

Things are about to change for personalizable content, thanks to the innovations and forward-looking vision of Mobigraph. We have spoken at length about all the myriad ways in which the PEP Network will benefit its many stakeholders. But what haven’t dived deep into is how the PEP Network is set to revolutionize the multi-billion dollar personalized content industry. All the small benefits and inclusion of stakeholders go into the making of a new era in this industry, one that will hit the ground running to serve the next billion users!

Here’s what this revolution is going to look like –

Protecting the rights of content creators and artists

Curiously, in most visual arts circles, the ones who get raw deals more often than not are the ones because of whom these circles exist — the artists, the content creators, the designers, the uber-creative hobbyist. It is for this very reason that art is still not considered a lucrative, full time job. But the PEP Network is about to change this for artists. Not only is our Blockchain protocol going to protect the copyright of every artist on the network, it will also enable transparent, secure and fast payments across the world. Content creators will also be able to produce more content — and get paid fairly for it — thanks to access to a wide variety of brands and individual customers looking for personalized content as well as to spare GPU power from around the world for run time rendering without having to invest in high end computers. Without the blockchain protocol of PEP Network, content producers would take years and humongous amounts of financial investment before they are able to fulfill the demand for customized content, especially now that mobile communication is moving rapidly towards 3D, AR, and VR.

Transforming every smartphone user into a render miner


One of the most amazing things about the PEP Network is how its Blockchain protocol enables anyone with spare GPU power on their smartphones to become render miners and make additional income. And believe us, that’s an opportunity for pretty much every smartphone owner in the world! In the process, graphic artists get the GPU they need for real time rendering and meet the growing demand for personalizable content. That’s fair play and mutual benefit at their very best.

Creating a whole new digital economy purely for this content revolution


What signals PEP Network’s commitment to revolutionizing personalized content is the digital economy it is creating. This self-sustaining, lucrative economic model to trade customizable, personalized content is a true personification of putting one’s money where the mouth is. The PEP Token drives a value exchange across the ecosystem, leaving no man behind. It enables a new revenue opportunity for artists to get commissioned personalizable content both for consumers and for brands. It can be used for all digital services within the ecosystem and can be utilized by all network participants, including consumers, artists, and miners.


Clearly, the road ahead for personalized content looks bright and promising, lucrative and inclusive. And the PEP Network team is making it happen. We couldn’t be more excited — and more proud!

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